We are so excited about the latest information that we have on losing weight quick and easy, staying healthy and achieving beautiful skin so you can look and feel amazing both inside and out.

I can’t wait to share all of this information with you so each week of the month we will be covering various topics for our HEALTH, SKIN AND WELLNESS workshops. And don’t despair if you miss one! We will cover the same topics each month, each with additional information which we will be running twice a week so you can fit it in to your schedule no matter what!!!

Please join us for our weekly 45 minute workshops on Health, Wellness, Skin and Makeup. We have one session at 11am and one at 5:30pm

Please click to learn more and call us to find out more information.

PART 1 – HEALTH & WEIGHT LOSS – Eating for a healthy life

PART 2 – WELLNESS – Feel healthy happy and energised!

PART 3 – SKIN CARE – Why choosing the right skin care is so important  & how to use it!

PART 4 – MAKEUP – Flawless makeup for all occasions


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