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Stop the Ageing Process in its Tracks

You can’t avoid getting older, but you can take steps to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Using all-natural personalized programs designed to stimulate skin renewal and support and improve skin repair, the professionals at the LSM Skincare Solutions Clinic  will help restore your skin back to its former beauty and help you retain your youthful complexion.

A natural solution to Plastic Surgery that will change not only how you look but how you feel with no side effects – are you ready for this?

Your skin is a living organ and has an amazing ability to be able to heal & rejuvenate itself given the right conditions. When you’re young this healing happens naturally and very quickly, but as time marches on it takes longer for healing to occur as your skin’s renewal cycle lengthens. One of our goals is to reverse not only the aging process but also the renewal cycle!

The best way to give your skin back its youthful glow is by feeding it with natural nutrients to promote skin renewal from the inside out and activating its own healing processes. While chemicals and surgical procedures, such as Botox, synthetic fillers & face lifts can provide a temporary solution,they don’t focus on skin health and regeneration.

Fresh, healthy looking skin is firm, plump, moist and supple. This can be achieved by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen using a number of natural, non-invasive individualized programs and facial treatments that don’t have any side effects or downtime.

Our Platelet Rich Plasma also known as PRP – skin is rejuvenated and tightened procedure will improve its texture, tone, color and elasticity using the body’s own platelet cells to encourage natural skin repair & collagen production.

We also use a new and innovative technique called vitamin Infusion. By using natural botanicals, vitamins that are recognized by the skin we are able to increase not only the skin’s blood flow but the amount of nutritional and hydration support that the skin has. These procedures when used in conjunction with good health practices, nutrient rich skin care daily  encourage skin rejuvenation and renewal that will surprise and excited  you  in your future years.

Who can benefit from these Natural Individualized Programs?

Anyone who wants to reverse the aging process, anyone who has scarring that they wish to reverse, or those of you who want to rejuvenate, thickening and tighten skin on their body or face, including stretch marks and improve cellulite. It is safe for all skin types and most people clients.

What causes skin to age?

As you get older your skin is at the mercy of a number of different factors that will affect the way in which it ages, lines, sags and wrinkles. Negative Influences as;

  • Sun Damage

    Sun damage occurs when UV light breaks down elastin fibres in the skin. This causes skin to sag and stretch, and the loss of elastin makes it difficult for this skin to tighten back up again. Line and wrinkles appear when skin loses its elasticity, your dermis thins and gravity pulls it downward. This can lead to drooping of loose skin around the eyes, cheeks, chin and neck, back of the hands and décolletage.

  • Inadequate skin care that leads the skin starved of hydration and nutrition

    Some skin conditions can affects the nutrient levels that are available for the skin such as Rosacea. Skin care that is more chemical than nutritional based contains skin irritants and artificially plumps up the skin every though it is dehydrating it more. Chemicals such as Properlyne Glycol are also known as anti-freeze and these are commonly used in our skin care!

  • Poor Hormonal health & low energy levels

    Our hormonal health definitely affects the aging process resulting in thinning skin, easily irritated itchy skin that loss of elasticity as we get older. A stressful lifestyle can age the skin through poor oxygen supply and nutrient delivery therefore affecting the skins ability to renew and rejuvenate

  • Affects of Gravity

    Gravity becomes a much larger enemy when you have hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition to the skin and sun damage as you can see

  • Lifestyle

    Inadequate diet, stressful lifestyle & poor sleep will affect your skin’s ability to renew itself and maintain resilience beauty and a youthful glow. I am sure that you have noticed that after a few nights of poor sleep that your skin looks a little more dull and lifeless. Lifestyle plays an important role in how your skin ages. People who smoke are more likely to develop wrinkles.

So what actually happens to our skin as we get older?

As skin ages it becomes rougher and loses its natural firmness. Damaged elastin & collagen that is not able to replace itself which makes the skin droop and sag, and the skin’s barrier tends to dry out as your body’s oil glands and hormones become less active.

We all age in different ways and experience the signs of ageing at different times with our different skin types however by being proactive and looking after your health, lifestyle and nutrition now will play an important role in who your skin’s ages.


At LSM Skincare Solutions clinic we guarantee the highest professional service using a range of premium natural skin care and skincare programs.

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Marian Rubock is a qualified registered nurse who has been working with skin conditions for the last 17 years. With over thirty-four years of medical experience and knowledge of how it feels to have a skin disorders herself, Marian has a passion for skin health and how your body's function affect it. She was a columnist on skin & amp; Beauty issues for The West Australian for the last 7 years until October 2013 and was a regular speaker on radio for Curtin FM & a guest at 6PR and international and interstate speaker covering the gut microbiome and skin.

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