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Information about Acne and scarring

Acne is a common skin condition commonly suffered by teenagers, however it also occurs in all age groups and presents itself in mild, moderate and severe cases. At LSM skincare solutions Clinic we provide a professional consultation and extensive assessment of your skin condition so that we can assist in healing process.

There are different types of acne from mild to severe however they all  results in blocked sebaceous pores, over keratinization, which means that you are over producing skin cells, and congestion which lead to lumps, bumps, and possible infections

The mildest form of acne and is non-inflammatory. It is usually triggered by a digestive imbalance and often presents itself as closed and/or open comedones, which we know as whiteheads and blackheads.

Whiteheads occur when the natural sebum (oil) and bacteria your skin produces become trapped, often resulting in tiny flesh coloured bumps. If and when your pores open, the oil previously trapped will oxidize and turn black. The discolouration that takes place is due to our natural oils carrying melanin (pigment), and when exposed to the surface, these turn brown or black, hence the term ‘blackhead’.

A more moderate type of acne presents more like an infection or a whitehead in the follicle. It can potentially become severe and spread on the face and/or body. When a follicle ruptures, causing it to become red and inflamed. This inflammation is known as a papule, and is caused by the white blood cells filling your pores, and again, becoming trapped.

White blood cells will make their way to the surface of the skin causing a pustule, or what we commonly refer to as a pimple. These pustules are what we associate with acne.

The most sever type of acne may be also associated with our diet and lifestyle. It can present with occasional breakouts and can appear random in its presentation however it usually links in with your menstrual cycle around day 14 and on wards. It may be associated with our diet, as the food toxins will pass through various organs, therefore leading to random breakouts.

Stress tends to be a contributory factor with acne and you may noticed this already yourself.

At LSM Skincare Solutions  Clinic we are dedicated to supporting you through the process and our skin programs together with our premium skin care range are designed to support you on your journey to rediscovery your healthy beautiful glowing skin.


At LSM Skincare Solutions clinic we guarantee the highest professional service using a range of premium natural skin care and skincare programs.

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Marian Rubock is a qualified registered nurse who has been working with skin conditions for the last 17 years. With over thirty-four years of medical experience and knowledge of how it feels to have a skin disorders herself, Marian has a passion for skin health and how your body's function affect it. She was a columnist on skin & amp; Beauty issues for The West Australian for the last 7 years until October 2013 and was a regular speaker on radio for Curtin FM & a guest at 6PR and international and interstate speaker covering the gut microbiome and skin.

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