Skin Consultation

Skin profiling plus nutritional assessment and individual program  ( 45 minutes)

This 45 minute assessment is the total package for skin body and wellness.

Step 1:  Through advanced technology we are able to determine  what products and treatments would best benefit your skin.

Step 2:  Our body profiling using the  advanced  Oligoscan which will graphically generate a report showing nutritional, heavy metal  levels as well how your body is managing its systems such as

  • Hormonal balance
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Endocrine function
  • Nervous system
  • Immune function, just to name a few

and  allow us to determine what support your body would benefit from.


Complimentary Skin profiling with individual program (15 minutes)

At LSM Skincare Solutions we are committed to supporting every person that comes into our centre wanting advice and support for their skin, health and wellness. This complementary consultation allows us to profile your skin and confirm what your skin would benefit from nutritionally as well as treatments. The profiling allows us to determine your skin’s hydration, pigmentation, degree of sun damage, inflammation and premature aging that we can then  re assess once a program has been put in place to review its affectiveness.

This consultation is done in conjunction with your personal desires and you will receive a summary that you act on as you desire or you can discuss with us if you would like to do a program or series and facials and body treatments.



Your facial results will be enhanced by using the correct skin care for your skin needs at home and by having a regular routine. We offer several options to improve fine lines, wrinkles as well as the firmness and clarity of your skin’s appearance. Talk to us about what we have to offer so that we can help you achieve your healthy skin goal.

We also offer weekly health and wellness workshops that will give you more information about how you can make small changes to your nutritional intake and support collagen, elastin and skin firmness from the inside as well as the outside.

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