what is rosacea and why does it appear


Acne rosacea, or more commonly referred to as rosacea, is a non-infectious skin inflammation of the face. The appearance caused by acne rosacea results in a permanent or intermittent flushed look to the skin, caused by the capillaries (blood vessels) enlarging.

It is possible to develop small pustules on the chin, forehead, nose and cheeks. However, unlike acne vulgaris, acne rosacea does not scar.

Rosacea, generally appears in more mature age groups, often between thirty and fifty years of age. A common ‘warning’ sign of this skin inflammation is the appearance of frequent flushing. If left unattended, rosacea may eventually result in permanent redness to the affected areas & thinning skin which results in premature ageing.

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Rosacea may appear in a mild form which  is commonly characterized by redness, flushing, sensitivity or dryness directly on the nose. It is also possible to experience breakouts similar to acne vulgaris, while the skin may become coarser and thicker with a bumpy texture to the affected area.

It has been suggested that this form of rosacea is usually the result from a digestive inflammation in the stomach area, and is thought to be related to acid reflux. Alternative causes for  rosacea may stem from ulcers, gastritis and Helicobacter pylori, while certain lifestyle stresses and hormonal menopause/andropause are also thought to be significant contributors.

Another form of Rosacea/redness typically presents with facial flushing, sensitivity, redness and dry skin. It may also occurr around the eyes, cheeks, forehead and temples. This particular type of rosacea has been suggested to have an origin from the small and large intestine becoming inflamed. The inflammation may be caused through diet such as gluten or dairy intolerance or sensitivity, Candidiasis, allergies or Irritable bowel syndrome.


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