How do I stop my skin from ageing?

None of us can avoid getting  older, but you can take steps to keep your skin looking young and healthy naturally by following a few golden rules that become your own solution to plastic surgery and a lot more cost effective!

  • Have a daily skin health regime with quality skincare.
  • Remove your make up before going to bed
  • Use weekly face masks and gentle exfoliators to stimulate skin health.
  • Getting uninterrupted sleep most nights of 8 hours
  • Drink 1.5-2l filtered water a day.
  • Eating lots of vegetables
  • Starting the day with a green smoothie
  • Reduce the amount of fructose and sugar you eat
  • Have regular skin treatments to boost your skin’s health, hydration and reduce inflammation.
  • Be educated so that you can makes good choices when it comes to skin health and wellness.

What causes aging and premature?

  • Sun Damage and lack of sun protection – Sun damage occurs when overexposure to UVA and UVB light breaks down the elastin fibres in the skin. This causes the skin to sag and stretch. Loss of elastin makes it difficult for the skin to then remain firm. Line and wrinkles then appear and the natural thinning of the dermis is then amplified by the sun damage. These factors will also affect the skin around the eyes, cheeks, chin and neck, back of the hands and décolletage.
  • Inadequate skin care – Ingredients such as Properlyne Glycol, Paraben and Methylparaben are known skin irritants that also affect skin hydration, health and may cause inflammation and redness. Some skin conditions also affect skin sensitivity, hydration and may cause early aging which is a good reason to check not just your skincare but also your personal care products and make sure that they do not contain these.
  • Poor Hormonal health & low energy levels – Our hormonal health affects our aging just as it does during puberty. As our hormones change or become out of balance our skin is affected due to the hormones receptors that reside in our skin causing thinning skin, general loss of elasticity that leads not only to the prescence of lines and wrinkles but also the loss of circulation and oxygen supply  affecting the skins ability to renew and rejuvenate.
  • Gravity – Gravity becomes a much larger factor when you have hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition to the skin and sun damage.
  • Lifestyle – Low levels of dietary nutrition, a stressful lifestyle, smoking, excess drinking and poor quality and inadequate sleep all affect your skin and your body’s aging.

What happens to skin as it ages?

As skin ages it becomes rougher and loses its natural firmness and glow. Damaged skin fibres – elastin & collagen that is not able to replace itself make the skin droop and sag, and the skin’s barrier becomes weakened due to less availability of natural lipids as your skins oil glands become less active.

We all age in different ways and whilst your genetics a there are many actions you can now take to less how well you age.

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