One of the most successful and advanced treatments available today to give the most incredible natural antiaging and rejuvenation results with an all-natural approach and even better no down time or needling. PRP has a long history of use with sports medicine and now causing a lot of excitement with cosmetic application over the last 10 years.


What is PRP AKA Platelet Rich Plasma?

This is an extremely cutting-edge, all-natural procedure that uses your own body’s incredible resources to stimulate collagen, new cell growth and regeneration meaning we can basically turn back the hands of time to regain your youthful skin on your face and body. This unbelievable procedure is also helping with the regrowth of your hair and sexual health/disfunction meaning that the possibilities are endless for naturally helping us to look as young as we feel!

How does PRP work?

This procedure requires a small amount of your blood that is extracted at the time of your appointment, prepared under strict hygienic conditions so that your own growth factor, stem cells and platelets are harvested to use in a new area of your body therefore stimulating new cell growth and regeneration. Using the latest technology which involves using an electrical current to facilitate the penetration, we can infuse your plasma deep into your cells. This truly is an incredible treatment giving so many people all over the world incredible life changing results.

What technology is used for PRP?

We are so excited about our technology that we offer at our clinic, especially as we are the only clinic in WA with this incredible machine, meaning we can penetrate the skin without any needles! With this treatment head we can open up your cells so we can push the rejuvenating plasma deep into your dermis (deep layer) of your skin for optimal results. This procedure has absolutely no downtime as there is no needling or breaking of this skin meaning no bruising, redness or swelling, so you can walk away feeling incredible.

Where can I use PRP Treatments?

The possibilities are endless not just for helping with anti-aging for you skin but with hair regeneration and restoration of sexual health. Please click the images below to learn more about the treatments we offer at our clinic.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or drop into the clinic. You can also come in for a skin assessment and consultation prior to any skin treatments so that we can put together a treatment plan that is best suited to you.


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