Advanced All Natural Anti-Aging

When treating your face and neck we can target all areas of concern and have the ability to control the depth and intensity, depending on the clients desires. When working on your face we can move right around your eyes and completely over your lips to rejuvenate all areas, leaving no area untreatable! PS Its great for plumping the lips and minimising lines around the face & neck.


Who will benefit from this face treatment?

This is ideal for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for aging skin and skin concerns including acne, redness/rosacea and hyperpigmentation as it supports collagen and elastin production resulting in increased firmness of your skin. Even if you don’t have a skin condition or concern but feel your have lost that youthful glow this treatment will have you lining up again for your next treatment.

What should I expect?

The end result is a beautifully sculpted face, giving you a natural lift while smoothing those fine lines and wrinkles and adding volume to your lips without an overdone look that other procedures can cause. This is an all-natural procedure that gives you an all-natural looking incredible result. Of course like anything with the more treatments you get the more accumulative benefits you will gain and this isn’t just a ‘’quick fix’’ treatment but an investment that you will benefit from with lasting results for years to come.

Is there any downtime for PRP face treatments?

There is no downtime or redness and your skin is guaranteed to feel plump, firm, hydrated and more youthful after just one treatment!

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