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SSLED Seven Spectrums of Light

We are always  looking for the latest proven natural technology that will support the health of  your skin on your face and body and not potentially create inflammation that may lead to the long term harm for your skin. This year we updated all our equipment so that we have the latest technology with the best results for your investment long term.

The SSLED which stands for stands for Seven Spectrum of Light Emitting Diodes. The basic history behind this technology is the use of light to rejuvenate skin. There are over 2500 scientific papers that have been published worldwide and they have confirmed that human cells do regenerate 4 to 5 times faster when exposed to these different waves lengths of light.
This non invasive treatment coverts the skin’s cells energy through light that can be converted to fuel without causing any inflammation. This means that skin concerns  such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, sun damage and aging are all boosted thereby supporting healing, collagen and elastin formation and remodeling 4 to 5 times faster than normal. We recommend 2 treatments a week for the first 3 months but we have noticed great results in just a month from one treatment a week! It takes only 30 minutes so its a great treatment for busy people who want to still move forward with their skin health.
Our SSLED machine is the latest in LED technology and the only one in WA that includes polychromic light which means we can treat different layers of the skin and therefore different skin conditions and types. In a nutshell the machine uses mores than one wavelength at a time.!! Now that’s very cool.

Cellular Vitamin Infiltration Treatments

Our Cellular Vitamin infiltration treatment is amazing  and our existing clients have been enjoying superior results like never before whilst participating in this program. The machine allows us to infuse Vitamins, organic botanical’s and superior moisturizing nutrients such as ceramides and low molecular weight hyurolonic acid into the skin’s cells and was initially designed to improve the success rate of IVF.

The delivery system is very innovative and after countless hours of research and testing this system is more superior than galvanic, ultrasound, Oxygen infusion and mesotherapy with no downtime, no redness and no inflammation!

When infusing your personal recipe of nutrients our machine infuses over 7mls where as other topical methods will be only 1-2mls.

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