What is causing my pigmentation/Melasma?

It is not known conclusively what causes pigmentation on the face however we do know that any condition that results in hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy or the contraceptive pill, unregulated stress levels, genetic predisposition and thyroid health all are known contributors as well as exposure to the sun UVB rays.

Pigmentation appears on women’s skin much more often than men’s skin and just 10% of people who get pigmentation/melasma are men.
People with darker skin, such as those of Latin/Hispanic, North African, African-American, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean descent are also  than more likely to get melasma than Caucasian.

Through the last 18 years of working with people and their skin conditions  I have seen a another pattern to pigmentation and Melasma and that is the result of exposure to lifestyle and nutritional factors that also create hormonal imbalance  thus affecting your skin’s  pigment  and possible discolouration.

Can my pigmentation be fixed?

The usual approach to managing skin pigmentation is the use of a product called Hydroquinone other products similar as well as peels designed to lighten the discolouration. However I have found that whilst pigmentation is considered a genetic abnormality internal health has a profound effect on the effectiveness of the skin treatments as the hormones receptors in the skin are affected by the body’s ability to rejuvenate and restore balance.

We like to use natural skin rebalancer that break up the pigmentation without causing inflammation (skin Glo) and a natural skin lightener that with regular use lightens the skin. Initially it breaks up the strong bands of pigment and then continues to fade them.

We also have a revolutionary new organic botanical treatment to offer and the result are very encouraging breaking up even the boldest blocks of pigment however I do have warn you and give you a realistic expectation that it takes approx. 6-8 treatments and about 12 months to fully lighten and brighten significantly damaged pigmented  skin.

What can I do to ensure that my pigmentation fades and doesn’t return?

  • Always use sunscreen
  • Ensure a healthy diet 
  • Manage your stress levels and ensure a work life balance
  • Ensure you have the right nutrients to support a healthy Thyroid
  • Maintain healthy hormones
  • Maintain a healthy gut microbiome and avoid any mediations unless essential as they break down your gut wall and kill healthy gut bacteria
  • Implement lifestyle changes that are sustainable and support work, sleep, stress, lifestyle balance.
  • Use treatment serum that are chirally correct with your skin and act to lighten, build on the health of your skin such as Vitamin B3, Vitamin A &  Avoid skin care that inflames your skin  and creates a sensitivity to light.
  • Treat your skin’s cells in the dermis so that as they regenerate they do so without pigmentation. ( Please see our Vitamin Treatment)


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