Nothing feels better to have you looking your best than a natural facial treatment that enhances your skin’s health and vitality. We pride ourselves on having the most advanced treatments available that not only make you feel fantastic but improve your skin’s health, appearance and complexion.

You can decide to go with one of our signature treatments or treatments that are unique to us at LSM Skin Care Solutions.  You can also design your own from the “ADD ON” range as this will only accelerate your results and there is no substitute for great skin!

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What is the advantage to having treatments?

Our philosophy when treating your skin is to respect your skin and use natural and where possible organic, ingredients to improve the health of your skin and reverse any damage.

All of our treatments follow the same philosophy as our skincare and are designed to remodel, feed, hydrate and protect your skin. By using the latest natural and non invasive technology we are able to penetrate through the protect epidermal layer and infused vitamins deeper into the skin at the dermal layer were all skin rejuvenation and remodeling occurs. The increase in these vitamins greatly enhances the skin ability to remodel itself resulting  in healthy changes to your skin’s condition and also your complexion that you will love;

Changes we have seen to our clients skin have been;

  • Increase in skin firmness and tightness
  • Improvements in skin hydration
  • Relieve from sensitive skin
  • Relieve from skin redness
  • Increases in skin lightening and brightening;
  • Diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles which particular attention to crows feet and lip lines
  • Even skin tone and pore size
  • Improvement in skin complexion
  • Reduce skin breakouts and redness
  • Reduce signs or premature mature aging
  • Improvement in the health of sun damaged skin



Premium body infusion using ORGANIC BOTANICALS

Lymphatics drainage


We also offer a range of consultations to help and guide you to reaching your skin and health goals… please click below to find out more.


Complimentary Skin profiling with individual program

Skin profiling plus nutritional assessment and individual program

Weight Loss support one on one x 4 (4 x 30 minute sessions)

Health and nutrients review only


In Addition to our treatments and consultation, we run weekly workshop so that you can build your knowledge and make the right decisions for you and your family. Please see below for the various topics.

Weight Loss  |  Wellness  |  Skincare  |  Make up


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