Located in Cottesloe in Perth, Western Australia, the LSM Skin Care Solutions Clinic’s approach to skin health is all natural and wellness based. Our nutritional approach to your skin’s health by assisting in balancing and supporting hormonal, nutritional & lifestyle habits that affect your health and therefore may also be affecting your skin. By combining advanced technologies and solutions for improving skin health  we are committed to achieving outstanding results & understanding of the concerns for every client.

We understand that we are all different and a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not necessarily apply to your skin. We will endevour to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin and provide professional advice, personally tailored to your needs. With over 17 years of working  in the skin area alone  we have found the right methods and supports to help anyone who is interested in a natural approach and solution to their skin condition or simply want to ward off the the aging process naturally.

The LSM Skin Care Solutions Clinic uses only proven science based natural techniques knowing that in years to come we will have supported the ongoing health of your skin.

We offer a diverse range of aesthetic (non-surgical face lifts) and clinical treatments (cellular skin rejuvenation, PRP or vampire treatment) with no down time, redness or peeling.

For more information on how we can help you love your skin or just enjoy the benefits of a quality skincare range please call us today to find out more on 9383 4225.


At LSM Skincare Solutions clinic we guarantee the highest professional service using a range of premium natural skin care and skincare programs.

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