Superior Anti-aging and rejuvenation

“Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation  Facial” |  PRP (90 minutes)

One of the most successful and advanced facial treatments available today. But not for the faint hearted as this facial requires a small amount of your blood that is extracted at the time of your facial, prepared under strict hygienic conditions so that your own growth factor and platelets are salvaged and then infused into your skin using the latest technology which involves using an electrical current to facilitate the penetration.

Your treatment is completed with our unique signature mask. This facial mask is suitable for all skin types and is very nurturing and supportive of all your skin’s structures. It is a superior facial mask that uses microcurrent which is a very small generated electrical current  to increase your skin cells energy and promote activity that improves hydration, regeneration  and induces calming of inflamed skin and red skin.

It is ideal for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for skin concerns such as acne, redness/rosacea and hyperpigmentation  as it supports collagen and elastin production resulting in increased firmness of your skin.

There is no downtime or redness and your skin is guaranteed to  feel plump, firm, hydrated and more youthful after the treatment. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and perfect for anti-ageing, sun damage and anti-scarring conditions.

This facial is suitable for all skin types including redness due to its unique regenerative ability and rehydration  support to the skin and circulation.

It’s benefits are enhanced with add on’s such as;

  • SSLED – increases the penetration of the vitamins into your skin’s cells
  • Iontophoresis mask





(Add 20 minutes)

Powerful Light Emitting Diodes ( LED for short) using seven spectrums of light. These lights  refresh, detoxify, purify and decongest your skin. This process also increases your skin’s cells energy production therefore increasing cell turnover, skin rejuvenation, hydration and blood supply. A great facial on its own for the busy person or a great “add on” for any facial treatment we offer.

This facial is suitable for all skin types including redness due to its unique anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin and circulation.


Vitamins infusion Iontophoresis mask

(Add 20 minutes)

A powerful addition to your facial treatment that uses sound waves to transport vitamin and hydration molecules  into your skin restoring a healthy barrier. The penetration is not as deep as a Vitamin infusion and it is not suitable for botanicals however the powerful benefits of this mask can not be dismissed as it enhances  any facial treatment improving its long term regenerative benefits.

This “add on” treatment is suitable for all skin types.


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