Why does your skin get dry as you age?

After the age of 40, the amount of lipids our skin makes is significantly decreased  which is why are skin’s barrier may be more predisposed to being weakened or damaged a little easier.

Skin cells (the “bricks”) make their way up from the basal layer of skin and as they move towards the surface they become flattened, and are layered on top of one another in a neat and organized fashion. Lipids (the “mortar”) are interwoven between the cells and help to keep the stratum corneum compact and in fact it is almost unbelievable that such complex and vital functions occur in a section of skin that is about half the width of a hair.

For you to have healthy functional skin free from skin conditions and irritations you must have a healthy barrier. In fact it has been shown that as we get older and our healthy lipids in our skin’s barrier decrease the incidence in skin related problems and conditions increases.

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