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How to reclaim your health and banish conditions such as acne and rosacea.


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Marian Rubock Clinic

Natural care for your Skin & Body

Beautiful healthy skin is achievable, regardless of your age, gender or current skin condition.

Incorporating cutting-edge scientific, medical and natural practices, the Marian Rubock Clinic provides expert advice and treatments (including non-surgical face lifts, platelet rich plasma therapy also known as vampire treatment and scar rejuvenation) for men and women, based on a complete understanding of your skin and body.

Founder, Marian Rubock takes an all-natural, holistic approach to skin health, treating conditions including acne, rosacea, sun damage or solar keratosis, fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation, from the inside and out.

If you are serious about the condition of your skin and are fed up with using chemicals that can peel paint of a wall, then you should call Marian’s clinic today.

At Marian Rubock clinic we bring to the surface your beautiful skin that lies underneath.



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